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Challenge Hikes

Trees and Mountains

$100 entry fee includes:

  • Embroidered patches for completed hikes (see design below)

  • 4th patch for completing the Challenge

  • T-shirt

  • Food and drinks on Sept 4th concluding BBQ



$36 Individual trail entry includes embroidered patch for that hike only



FREE - come join us for the fun!

14 mile (out and back) trail.

"This is an excellent hike! Beautiful vistas on the Watchtower Route"

- L. Robbins

14.9 mile (out and back) trail.

"Absolutely gorgeous hike! Beautiful views start miles before the top, and the 360 view at the top is well worth every ounce of effort."

- J. May

12 mile (out and back) trail.

"The most challenging hike I ever completed."

- M. Grijalva

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