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Hiking the Hart Tree Trail

A great trail for beginners with beautiful scenery!

8.8 mile (loop)

Estimated time 4 hours including stops and exploring

Elevation Gain 1,326ft (404 m)

The Hart Tree Trail is a breathtaking, 8.8 mile loop trail. There are numerous Giant Sequoia Trees, including the Hart Tree, a couple stream crossings, luscious meadows, and cool air. You are guaranteed to see something memorable on this trail!

The trail itself is mostly light-moderate. There are times on the trail that you will be challenged, but overall, this is a good trail for beginners.

History on the Hart Tree - Wiki

New to hiking? Check out our article for beginners!

The best way to get to the trail from the Visalia area is by taking Highway 245 to Highway 180 and then Highway 198. (Generals Highway). You do not want to take Highway 198 directly from Visalia as it will take you the long way through the park. To get to the trailhead, you turn right onto Forest Route 14S75. It is almost directly across from Ten Mile Road. FR 14S75 is a dirt road, so vehicles with high ground clearances are recommended. There is a clearly marked parking lot at the end of the road. Remember not to store food inside your vehicle. If you look at Google maps, the trail head is listed as Redwood Canyon Trailhead. The hike is free but there is a park entrance fee.

The Hart Tree trail is generally kid friendly - but as any parent knows, the situation is highly dependent on your child's age, abilities, and your own comfort level. Be sure to read this article about hiking with kids.



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