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Trap Shoot Tournament



Register Online 


1.   What type of ammo can I use?

       A: Standard 1 1/8 oz #7 ½ shot target load (or smaller).  No steel shot is allowed; you must use lead shot.

2.   Can I use a pump shotgun?

       A:  Yes - you do not need a side by side or over-under shotgun.


3.   Will there be a competition?

       A: Yes, there will be an Annie Oakley (sometimes called Wolfe Chase) competition. (Click for video) However, you can just come and shoot without 

       participating in the competition.


4.   Do I need to have any prior experience?

       A: NO!  Although there will be a competition, you do not need to participate in the competition and can still shoot trap under the supervision of 

       TCTC's range masters.  However, you will need to bring your own firearm and ammo.


5.   What if I have never shot trap before? Can I still participate?

        A:  Absolutely - the event is geared towards newcomers and learning about shooting trap.  

6.   What is the cost to participate in the event?  

        A:  $40 pre-registration, $50 at the event. At the event, you may pay in cash or credit/debit

7.   Is there a cost to watch?

        A: There is no cost to watch the shooters or otherwise participate.

8.   Will there be firearms for rent and/or ammo for sale?

        A: No, you must bring your own ammo and firearm. 

9.   Can my child participate in the trap shoot?

       A: Yes, minors may participate with an adult present.

10.   Will I have to sign a waiver to participate in the shoot?

         A: Yes, waivers must be signed before you can shoot.

11.   What if I do not follow the rules?

         A: You may be asked to leave by TCTC or Lat 36


12.   Are refunds available?

         A:  Due to the corona virus refunds will be issued to those who preregistered.  No action needs to be taken - refunds will occur automatically. 

13.   When will I be notified if the event is cancelled due to weather?

         A: You will be notified via email, the morning of March 14, if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather.

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