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5K Run/2K Walk

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  Is the 5K timed?

     Yes, but not chip timing.

2.  Is the 2K walk timed?

     No, walkers will not be timed.

3.  What is the 2K route?

      Start at the Wellness Center (point A) follow it to the water station, and turn around back to the the Wellness Center.

4.  Where do I park?

     Parking is available at the Lindsay Wellness Center parking lot as well as along Sequoia Ave.  Note that Ono City Parkway will be closed.

5.  Where are the restrooms?

     Restrooms are located inside the Wellness Center and in the park.

6.  Where are the water stations?

     The water stations are all located at the roundabout at Elmwood and Hermosa.  Walkers will pass it once, runners will pass it 3 times.

7.  When must I register to get a t-shirt?

     In order to be guaranteed a t-shirt you must register by March 15th.

8.  How do I sign up my LUSD student (grades 6-12)?  See your child's school for the registration form and waiver.  

9.  Do I need to be present with my LUSD child?  

     A parent/guardian needs to be present to check in the child.  A parent must sign the permission slip and waiver.


10.  What are the age categories for medaling?  TBD

11.  What do the proceeds of the race benefit?  All proceeds of the race go towards local scholarships.  


12.  How may I become an event sponsor?  We would love to have you sponsor our event. Click here for our sponsorship form.  


13.  Are strollers allowed?  Yes, but please be mindful of others, especially on the pathway through the park. 


13.  Are dogs/other animals allowed? 

     As much as we love our animal friends, service animals are the only ones allowed at our event.   

14.  Where/when do I pick up my bib and race packet?

No prerace pickup.  You will receive your bib, t-shirt (if you registered by March 15th), and waiver on race day.  Check-in between 6:00 and 6:30AM.  Check-in is in the lobby of the Lindsay Wellness Center.


 All participants who pre-registered will automatically be given a refund. No further action is necessary.  

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